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- NMMUN 23' -

Evolution of revolution

400+ Delegates

What is NMMUN?


The NMS students have been hosting Model United Nations as an annual event for the past twelve years. The Model UN gives young brains the chance to speak, convince, and defend themselves while showcasing their global awareness. The goal of this student-run conference is to help the attendees gain global awareness and problem-solving abilities while giving them the chance to overcome their inadequacies. Every delegate is a leader of tomorrow in our eyes at NMMUN. Challenges serve as innovation's trigger. The pandemic presented a limitless array of barriers, some temporary and some permanent. It is our duty as aspiring leaders to accept the challenge and successfully handle issues. We submit to you the theme for the second virtual NMMUN: "Evolution of Revolution" in the hopes that we might find solutions to move above these obstacles and begin the process of returning to normal. You have the ideal opportunity to advance your development at NMMUN. After all, we are wired for resilience.


Neerja Modi School (NMS), Jaipur is a co-educational day-cum boarding school founded in April 2001. Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), UK and International Baccalaureate (IB), Geneva, it offers education from Kindergarten through class XII. With a strength of 2500 students and 300 faculty members, the school is dedicated to academic excellence and holistic development of the students. The school recognizes some students learn best by reading; some, through actual experience; some, by pursuing deep interest

About Neerja Modi School

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